Malecu indigenous cultural experience
Get to know the ancestral culture of one of the indigenous tribes of Costa Rica!
 Welcome to Palenque Malecu Usaica de Arenal ...
You will be welcomed by the new indigenous tribe that now lives near the Arenal Volcano with a traditional drink from the town. While enjoying your approach you will observe the ancestral dance in honor of your god "Toku" and will be part of the ceremony of "The Big Fight". The Malecus will introduce you to their cultural worldview and explain a little about their origins, their gods, beliefs and the great respect they have with their natural environment. Once introduced better in the mystical village, you will start the tour guided by a native Malecu in the "Oyu Ora Shamanico" while walking you will meet the Chaman of the tribe, who will accompany you on a short path where you can know the different medicinal plants that they use and extract from the forest, as well as the crops they consume in their daily lives. Halfway down the path, you will arrive at the sacred house of Chaman and participate in a spiritual ritual and learn from their experiences and knowledge.
Back to the main house you will participate in the making of traditional crafts, ancestral costumes and you will know the meaning they have in the culture. You can also relive the traditional hunting practice with the "Mi ferré quijílha yu caru muri" bow and arrow shooting. To finish the experience, you will only need to taste the different traditional dishes that the members of the town will offer you. The tribe will say goodbye with the dance "Narajilek" with traditional musical instruments.

Maleku Indigena Experience

Departure times:
  • Includes: Transportation, indigenous Malecu guide, bilingual naturalist guide, tasting of traditional dishes, tours and cultural presentations, ancestral welcome drink.